The Most Realistic Faux Stone, Brick and Wood Siding You've Ever Seen!

Give Your Home Some Curb Appeal With The Highest Quality and Most Durable Synthetic Stone, Brick and Wood Siding in Canada. Available in 2X4 and 4X8 Sheets For Quick and Easy Installation.

Quick and Easy Installation

URESTONE has a number of properties that separate it from all other faux stone systems. Firstly, that it’s the most durable system on the market. URESTONE is based on a innovative Dual Layer Composite system. The surface layer is a durable impact resistant plastic layer that is also used to produce automotive car bumpers. This layer is followed by a low density foam system which provides thickness and insulation value. The end result is a system that is tough and is the most authentic replication of a stone panel in both appearance and texture available on the market today. Secondly, unlike other systems that are individual stones or small panel sizes, URESTONE is available in a professional size series which is typically 4 x 8, which means installation is a breeze! Third, as you can see from the pictures below, it will give your interior or exterior a breathtakingly beautiful and natural feel.

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Durable, Realistic and Easy To Install!

Beautiful. Easy Installation. Durable.

  • No Masonry Skills Needed
  • Cuts and Installs Like Plywood
  • Simple Interlocking Panels
  • Designed for Indoor and Outdoor
  • Panels Are Lighter Than 1/2″ Plywood
  • Increased R Value For Energy Savings

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